What is Creative Code Beetle?

Creative Code Beetle is a completely new way of expressing yourself and creating cool 3D graphics and learning to code.

You will be giving instructions for your beetles using simple commands that are easy to learn. Active help will guide you all the way when learning more advanced programming techniques.

You can also share your work to the Creative Code Beetle gallery and learn from others by downloading their creations to yourself.

Code, create and enjoy!

How do I get started?

Download the FREE Beetle Whisperer application to create awesome 3D creations and learn to code on the same time.
Register to share your creations with your friends and fans. Follow other artists by adding them to your follow-up.
Check out our active campaigns and competitions. Take advantage of your skills and amaze everyone.

Check out what people are creating right now

You can post feedback, comments and request and get help though Creative Code Beetle facebook site.

What is the new feature that you would like to see next?

Are there certain tutorials that you would definetly need?
Have you figured out some cool new way to create something previously unseen?

Please like and share with your friends. The more there are people creating their own art more there is for you to learn from.

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